Do We Really Believe the Patriarchy is Real?

The simple answer is Fuck No! The patriarchy isn’t real, nor do we think women are oppressed in the first world countries. In fact, women and minorities have laws set up to protect them and give them an upper hand in our American society. The average woman has reported to the patriarchy club that this is offensive to them. They want to make it on their own merits.

What is this Blog Then?

The patriarchy is a men’s lifestyle blog that sometimes makes fun of the modern day feminists. The name of our blog will only offend certain groups of people because the average male and female want to live in a traditional role. This means the woman is the caretaker and the men are the provider.

Where is our Proof?

This list of powerful women could be in the hundreds or even thousands. These women were chosen from different backgrounds. All of them debunk the theory that men hold all the power and wealth. If the patriarchy were real, would these type of women exist? Nah. We made a random list of some women that disprove the modern day feminists patriarchy theory.

1. Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen alone should be proof that the patriarchy is completely fake. You might be wondering why we think she deserves a top spot on this list as proof? Yellen is the United States Fed Chairman.  She has more power than anyone else in the United States. The finical markets look to the fed chairman for signs of growth or decline in our economy. Literally, she has so much power that millions or even billions of dollars can change hands when she gives a Fed speech.

2. Carly Fiorina

Fiorina is an important female figure because she was a woman who booth ran a fortune 500 company and ran for a position as the republican candidate of the United States. This example shows that the patriarchy isn’t real. If it the patriarchy were real, would they allow a woman to run HP? Also, in a true patriarchy, she wouldn’t have the ability to run for political office.

3. Susana Martinez

Martinez is the governor of New Mexico. She is one of the most successful right leaning governors in America; however, she is one of the lessors known people on this list. We wonder why she isn’t talked about more or didn’t take a run at the presidency. Martinez doesn’t fit the lefts agenda of a poor female that is oppressed by the so-called patriarchy. She even made the list of the top 100 most influential people in the world.

4. Oprah Winfrey

This one was added to the list because it was reported to us that the patriarchy controls the media and television. Opera is one of the world’s most famous and wealthy women. She was added to this list because she owns her own network and is a great business woman. The patriarchy, if it exists, didn’t stand in her way.

5. Griselda Blanco

This is a woman who turned into the largest cocaine dealer in the world. We wanted to add some variation to this list. The patriarchy was no match for the black widdow. Cocane cowboys claimed that she ran the largest cocain empire in the world.


In the comments, leave us some other examples.



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