Mr. Patriarchy lives in a first world country. Where is all this male privilege that we hear about from feminists? Instead of male privilege, we think there is a group of feminists who have nothing better to do than blame men for their issues. We were inspired by a long post online with not 10, 20, or 50 examples but 160 examples of male privilege. Mr. Patriarchy debunks this conspiracy once and for all about social norms in society. This is part one of a long serious.

Social Norms List

  • Some Men “Only” Care About Your female opinion (Especially nice guys)

    Most guys care about every women’s opinions. This could be said about men who could be labeled as nice guys or white Knights. You might be wondering where my proof is? The proof is everywhere. Men buy things they really don’t need to impress women. Some men will get involved with a woman’s problems that they don’t know. Here is an example of white night thinking:

  • You’re able to be yourself in public

    Men don’t have the ability to act like a grown and spoiled child in public. There is a 99% chance that if we did, someone would knock us out with a left hook or roundhouse kick us to the curb. Female privilege allows modern feminists to get away with almost anything in public.

  • Women Are Right

    Men now that they can’t use logic to win an argument with women. This is why most men choose their battles very carefully. I don’t know any men that go out of their way to argue with a woman. Likewise, not all men are correct. Where do you come up with this stuff?

  • The Real Social Norm (Speak Professionally)

    I haven’t heard anyone claim that they don’t like vocal fry? Mr. Patriarchy had to google it just to learn what that is. From researching this topic, this isn’t about normal women or even the average feminist. This is something that relates directly to the way celebrities give interviews. Every celebrity is under the microscope. Not just women celebrities.

  • No One Cares When You Swear

    In fact, Mr. Patriarchy likes when women can be themselves. Let’s put some perspective on this. This isn’t a gender issue. If anyone walks around yelling Fuck! Asshole! Cunt! Bullshit! in public they will get a bad reaction. It’s not a sexist conspiracy.

  • Men Don’t Block The Sidewalk

    Is someone in your way? You can have manners and wait, or you can run through them like W9 bulldozer takes down buildings. No one is stopping you from walking down the sidewalk. This is a social norm concept know as being a decent human and waiting your turn.

  • What the Hell is Man Spreading?

    The social norm is that men are larger in size and take up more space. Also, we have something in-between our legs that make it uncomfortable to sit with our legs close together. That is why we sit with our legs farther apart. Conspiracy debunked!

  • Strangers Smile at You for No Apparent Reason

    You don’t have to smile back. People are just being friendly saying hello. Some might smile at you because they think you are attractive. You can say hello back or give the person a crusty look and continue walking. No one expects any reaction out of you.

  • You Have 100 Bad Ass Purses. Why do you need pockets?

    The social norm is that purses are a woman’s best friend. You have one to match every outfit you own. Why do you want pockets anyways? Another point is that we live in a society that is capitalist based. If you don’t purchase an item, businesses will stop making it. Obviously, females general consensus is that they like the clothing trends of the mainstream. Money Talks.

  • The IRS Judges Single Motherhood not The Patriarchy

    The single men and women pay for single mothers and their dependents. The IRS has a goal of welfare and wealth distribution to take care of single parents. That could be the reason why people frown upon single parents. Yeah. It must suck to have a negative tax rate while others pay 10% to 50% of their income to support your entitlement programs.

  • You can choose to have children or not have children

    When has this been a man’s choice? The social norms are that it is a woman’s choice to have children or not. You can be a strange cat lady or have a working career. You can also have a traditional life. Who is stopping you?

  • You can play male sports and everyone will think your awesome.

    The social norm is that men will think you are awesome if you play male sports. Not only that, Men love women who will watch sports with them. Just look at how many men love UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey. It is a fact that you can also get an athletic scholarship easier than men.

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